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"The world breaks everyone and many are strong at the broken places." (E. Hemingway in A Farewell to Arms)


Relationships are hard, life can be traumatic, and things don’t always work out as we expected or planned. We wonder why our lives, marriages, children, jobs, or friendships are not working.  The truth is life doesn’t work out perfectly for anyone.  Life in this world is broken and messy for all of us.  Consequently, we may create coping and survival mechanisms to make ourselves feel better.  We might numb, escape, avoid, stuff or deny our emotional pain.  This may work ..for awhile.  But ultimately, the pain manifests somewhere --depression, anxiety, anger, relationship issues, body pain, or in numerous other disguises.

We all have a story about our brokenness, hurt, pain.  I have one.  You have one. What is your story? Maybe you have never told anyone. Telling your story and understanding how it impacts your daily life is important.   It is the beginning of feeling better, healing and becoming the empowered person you were created to be. I can provide a safe place where you can name and experience your feelings, talk about them and work on healing and change.  There will be no judgment, only empathy, compassion, and encouragement.  

I didn’t choose this profession because I have it all figured out.  No one does.  In fact, I learn from every client because every individual is different. I chose this field because I have experienced healing, growth, and change in my own life and relationships and I want others to have the same experience.  We CAN live life to the full and I would be honored to share your story and journey with you.  The end of your story has not been written!

My therapy process is eclectic and pulls from a variety of clinical and well researched therapies and theories, including but not limited to Systems Theory, Attachment Theory, Solution Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   I have also been trained to integrate a Christian worldview with modern clinical therapeutic techniques for those who prefer this perspective.

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